Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tuscany Cuisine

http://www.tuscanycuisine.comTuscany Cuisine is a gourmet cooking made from scratch with natural seasonal local ingredients, following the heritage of Tuscan food tradition. 
Was born in Los Angeles in 1997 by a professional Chef David Giani after studying and  learning HTML book. He decide to create a domain name and a web site to show his professional cooking work to his audience, employer, clients and costumers.
Tuscany Cuisine is today a culinary web site where you can get inspiration ideas for many dishes category for your Italian menu ideas, events, birthday, wedding, catering, casual and fine dining.
Tuscan cooking can be interpreted as cooking with simple vegetables or protein using the latest tech and innovations, by applying modern equipment to traditional recipes and transform into different type of menu category and presentation.
The tradition of using fresh local seasonal ingredients can  
apply to anywhere in the world.
Many original dishes can be interpret ate  by a experience professionals chefs and use the characteristics  of the recipe and re-develop in a different type of dish menu category.
Every Chefs after years of service in the culinary art absorb his own heritage from learning from other Chefs and after long years of hard working become more and more unique and the way the circumstances and fact around them let them the ability to use his cooking experience and express his knowledge in a creation based on his on develop talent.
A classical example of the tradition Tuscan salad called "Panzanella" made with a left over bread from the day before.
Is a summer salad when tomato, basil at highest freshness of the season, some of the flavor of this particular dishes can be apply to a simple relish that can be use to present a fish or a cold meat.
This is how Tuscany Cuisine can be explain by re-developing typical flavor on other type of dishes.
Another example can be the famous "Pappa al Pomodoro" a typical Tuscan soup made also in a summer time with soaked old bread in a simple fresh made garlic tomato broth. The bread absorb the liquid of the broth by incorporating the garlic and basil flavor from the cooking process.
If you decide to chilled and place in a mold shape can be represented as new dish menu category as a appetizer drizzled with a vinegar glaze can give this dish a different type of interpretation or can be use as side dish a small amount under a pan fried "Baccala"(salty cod).
In Tuscany every special holiday like Easter or Christmas is also the tradition to use chicken liver for pate' to bread for "Crostini"(Croutons)