Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The wines

The center of the Italian penisula to the south , over the appennines, Tuscany, one of the most beatiful regions of Italy thanks to its varied landscape and the abudance of artistic treasures.This is where the Etruscans eventually settled, givin this region their name: Etruria. The climate is relatively mild, the summers tend to be long and dry, and this, toghether with suitable nature of the soil, make it the ideal habitat for vines,usually grown on hilly terrain at an average altitude of 1446 feet, and producing wines, particularly reds, of exeptional quality, such as Brunello di Moltancino, Chianti, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Lupicaia, Guado al tasso, the famous Bolgheri.
One of the most ineresting and well-established wine routes of Italy must be the Chiantigiana that runs from Florence to Siena across the Chianti Classico district. Siena, a beatiful city of Etruscan origin whichis the home of the Enoteca Italiana, located in the bastions that overlook the approach to the Medici fortress. Siena's Enoteca is actually the national wine library, a showcase of the country's finest wine, which are available for tasting.

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